Test results

Important information about how we communicate the results of your tests.


From Monday 25th April 2022, we are changing the way we let you know about the results of tests we request.

If the result is abnormal or we need to alter your treatment, we aim to let you know the result by text or letter within 7 working days.

We will let you know the result of any x-rays, CT/ MRI scans or ultrasounds requested by us within 10 working days.

We will let you know the results of any monitoring for high risk drugs eg methotrexate, lithium within 72 hours via text or 5 days by post.

The results from annual diabetic monitoring will be discussed in the follow up diabetic clinic appointment.

We send you the results of your NHSE Healthchecks within 14 days.

If the results of monitoring from long term conditions eg hypertension, AF, angina mean there is a change to your treatment then we will inform you within 14 days– but we won’t let you know the result if no change is needed.

We aim to let you know by text if an investigation requested by one of ANPs or GPs is normal.

If you haven’t heard about a result within the time frames above, or need to discuss a result further, please contact the surgery after 1pm Monday-Friday.

Please be aware that where the hospital request an investigation, it is their responsibility to let you know the result.

We encourage you to sign up for the NHS App /online access where you can see the comments related to your results once they have been filed by the clinician.

We hope this will improve the quality of the way you receive your results. Please let us know any suggestions for how we can improve this aspect of our service.